Andrew Dennis

Mostly voice actor, often puppeteer, sometimes writer, sometimes game designer, sometimes improviser.

I was born in Southampton, UK, thanks to an English man and a Puerto Rican woman (I call them mum and dad). I lived in Puerto Rico and America (Texas) for most of my childhood and teenage years, then returned to England in 2001. I now live in Bristol with my partner, son and cat. I like cartoons, film, reading, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and video games. And nothing else.

My Voice

I’ve been making silly voices, recording things, writing things and playing the fool since I was a kid. That led to me having a really strong sense of what I can do with my voice from early on, and I found myself able to make funny sounds, impressions, accents and sing in a bunch of different styles.

With training and time, my voice has maintained its dynamic range but now has a new level of control. I am mainly a character voice actor, but I apply my acting training to every job I do to ensure I am putting in the right amount of energy to match the tone set by the final product.

My natural speaking voice is mid-ranged with a well-enunciated southern English accent and a light American twinge – somewhere between RP and Trans-Atlantic.

My Training and Experience

I went to the University of Winchester and got a BA (Hons) Performing Arts degree there. I focussed primarily on physical theatre, puppetry and sound.

I started voice acting just before beginning my degree. It was supposed to be for fun. I offered my voice to animators and game developers on the Internet. I got hooked, and eventually, I was offered paid work, so I bought better recording gear. Things continued that way from then on, and I have now been voice acting for over 10 years.

When I finished my degree, I did a number of small shows, a bunch of R&D, and the occasional acting gig. I ran a few workshops as a freelance practitioner, and even taught a BTEC Acting course for an academic year. I also sang in some bands and in theatre shows. I’ve had the immense privilege of touring all over the UK and internationally as a performer.

Other Things I Do

Through my hobbyist beginnings in voice over, I got into writing indie animations and game design. A friend and I started an online creative studio called Edible Castle. We made some cartoons that a lot of people watched and most seemed to like. We then made a few games that a lot more people played and most seemed to like. A few game developers liked my games and asked me to write for them. I’ve written a handful of fun little games and hope to write more, as well as write for other types of projects.

I also take on short term performance work, like puppetry, film and singing gigs, when I can fit it into my schedule.


Get In Touch

I now run a small voice over studio in Easton, Bristol, from which I do voice over, audio production and writing, and try to get out of the studio now and then with an acting or puppetry gig somewhere.

And if I’m not doing that, I may very well be dead or trying to play a video game that everyone else played years ago and I’ve only just discovered.

Do I sound like someone you want to work with? Then drop me a line!